So you’re thinking of redesigning your website?

Are you growing tired of the look of your website? You have a new vision of how you would like the website to look and function, but don’t know where to turn? All you now need is someone to bounce your ideas of, to help bring them to life. When re-designing your website the first and most important aspect to consider is the image of your company that you wish to portray.

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Internet Explorer 10 – Moving in the right direction?

Since 1995 Internet Explorer has been an ever present and was the dominant force until 2008, this is when Firefox started to command the biggest market share. Has Microsoft done enough to compete? Can it ever regain it’s position as ‘original and best’? or is it slipping into oblivion? Lets have a look through the history, any advances and definitely some negative points that has IE creaking somewhat in todays market place.

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Retina Ready Websites

Having looked at responsive websites, the next thing that came to mind was how would all on page content including images, photos and text resize on all devices, various screen resolutions etc? How would this be achieved without  without them becoming distorted, dispropotionate or unclear? The view is clear, that of industry experts – we need to look forward and into the world of ‘Retina ready website’, simple! 

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Responsive Web Design

Here’s a brief introduction to a technology that has been around for a while but is proving to be one of the most important technology additions in the web design industry. Reading various articles and listening to feedback regarding responsive web design, I am of the thinking that as functionality goes it will feature strongly in both current and future website design. If you don’t know what responsive web design is, this article is written just for you…

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