So you’re thinking of redesigning your website?

Are you growing tired of the look of your website? You have a new vision of how you would like the website to look and function, but don’t know where to turn? All you now need is someone to bounce your ideas of, to help bring them to life. When re-designing your website the first and most important aspect to consider is the image of your company that you wish to portray.

A website home page is the first introduction to your company and will leave a lasting impression for any prospective or existing clients. Consider the following questions when putting together your project brief…

What is the message you’d like to pass on to the end user, your prospective clients?

This is a very important part of the website design and development process; try to put yourself into other shoes – what does this website say about your company? Why should the end user spend time looking through your website? Simplify things; let your potential clients know what you do and why they need you.

What kind of customer is the ‘Ideal’ type? 
Try to identify your key client types and tailor your ideas towards them.

Is one page visited more frequently than another?
Identify the most visited pages; then focus your attention on improving the content on those less visited.

How would I look for a company such as mine?
Think of words associated with your business and sector; use them in the content to help your clients find you.

Research your competitors
Researching your competitors is key to establishing how you can make your website individual and stand out to potential clients.

Once you have considered the detailed above, write down all of your ideas, sketch a page layout or two and then get in touch with Graficsofa for a chat.

Let us help you realise your goals. Anything is possible; we can help advise of the best possible solution to fit your specific business needs and wants.     update-your-website-tired-design